Understanding Advaita Vedanta


Updated on 15-08-2021


Update 27-08-2021

The content from old site is successfully migrated to new Google Sites platform.

Website is active and has same url www.advaita-vedanta.in

If you have visited this site earlier, you must have noticed that the interface has changed.

You may have also noticed some loss of functionality. It is the limitation of the new Website Builder platform by Google Sites.

If you notice any broken links, please email at indiaspirituality [at] gmail.com


This website is created by Google Sites. Old Google Sites, also known as Classic Sites is being shut down by Google.

Google Says,

Starting September 1, 2021, classic sites will no longer be viewable by anyone. If you want your websites to continue to be viewable, you must convert and publish them to the new Google Sites experience before September 1, 2021.

Google says that the new Google Sites is build on different architecture which is mobile and tab friendly. It is not possible to fully migrate websites created on Google Classic sites to a new google sites. Instead of using migration tool, it was decided to copy paste each and every page to retain the font attributes like bold, italics, colour etc.

Initially, all the content i.e. pages will be transferred to the new sites created from scratch. Then the formatting of data will be done as and when time permits.

New Site builder does not have the flexibility that Classic sites had. The sidebar which was divided into sections is no longer possible. Sidebar is autogenerated with no option to add custom text. New Google Sites does not allow the auto creation of Sitemap. Hence the author had to create a sidebar section wise in the footer. A separate page dedicated to Sitemap is also created.

Downloads Page is pending for creation. Download links are to be updated. This website is available only in pdf format and can be downloaded from home page.

Due to lack of technical knowledge there may be inconsistencies in layout of each page. Please bear with us until it is fixed.

New Sites does not directly support tables too. They can be added as embeded HTML code or displayed as a linked object via Google Sheets. Hence table had to be created on google sheets and then linked on the page.

Recent Site Activity, Recent updates and downloads page are also not supported by the new layout. This site is more than 600 + A4 size pages. Google docs takes too much time to load and edit the site. Hence it was decided to create an odt file using Libreoffice suite. If time permits, the website will be divided into two or more parts and then hosted on google docs so that interested visitors can download it and even suggest corrections.

New Google Sites Website Builder focuses on creating smaller 5-10 page long websites for personal or professional use. It is not suitable for website like 'Understanding Advaita' or 'Sanatan Dharma' which are known as 'Knowledge Base' or 'Handbook'.

The author hopes that the new site turns out to be more user friendly then older one.

May this website continue to help students of Advaita Vedanta.

Hari OM