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Nature of Project and Publishing Strategy

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Nature of Project and Publishing Strategy

|| Hari OM ||


This project aims to give pointers. This work is not aimed to be an authentic guide. Sincere seekers are encouraged to look into the original source, preferably with mUla Sanskrit sloka and their translation and commentary. Publishing strategy is to push frequent minor updates on the fly i.e. as and when we find info, website is directly updated.

This project is done on volunteer basis, in free time, with no intention of gaining commercial benefit. The idea is to constantly update the work as and when time permits. Due to lack of technical knowledge there may be inconsistencies in layout of each page.

We push frequent minor updates. Whenever any new information is found that is to be added. It is added straight into the relevant page. This approach is against conventional publishing where an article is composed offline and only after thorough editing and proof reading it is considered ready to be uploaded to website. We have reason for pushing minor updates. The idea is to give as much information as possible and act as a rough reference, with a hope to encourage readers to undertake study of Shastra-s. This is also the reason for pushing unfinished updates with uncorrected typos or not providing sanskrit verses. This is also the reason why you will see [beta] on almost all pages. It also contains marks like [under construction] We just want to point out direction so that interested reader can check out shastra-s with translations from respected and authentic authors and sources. We are not working on this project as a professional nor we intend to publish this work in print media. Our aim is to give maximum info, which makes easier to search, thereby saving a lot of time searching in books. Since the intention is to save time spend in searching, even a few quotes are a good reason to push for another update.

We believe in openness and transparency. Unfortunately New Google Sites does have Recent Site Activity feature, hence it would be difficult for viewers to track changes in one page. To compensate this feature, the author has added a date stamp on each page. If and whenver any changes are made, date stamp will be updated for that page

Updating .docx and .pdf is time consuming and hence current .docx or .pdf version available for download may not be updated to latest version.

Pdf on Scribd is not frequently updated.

Slideshare is merged with Scribd, hence there will be no more update to the slide share. Only PDF on scribed will be updated.

Other formats like odt and viewing entire website in html are discontinued, as it is very difficult and time consuming to maintain all the formats.

Only docx and pdf formats will be maintained.

The author humbly prays that the information provided on this website is useful and help viewers to take interest to study Sanatan Dharma and apply it in their practical life.

All that is useful is my Guru's grace, all errors are mine.