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Conspiracies against Sanatan Dharma by East India Co, Max Muller, Wilson, Jones and others

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Part III - Conspiracies against Sanatan Dharma by East India Co, Max Muller, Wilson, Jones and others

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While searching for quotes from Upanishads from our shastras, the author found that some upanishads, Gitas and Portions of Upanishads are not considered as authentic by the scholars. The objections were, in first place, raised by Western scholars whom we thought were neutral and such critical work is accepted by a rational mind. However, the author found out that the western scholars were not neutral but had an agenda. There was a nexus of Church-Govt-Army which was working to destroy the pillars of Sanatana Dharma to achieve their own objective.

British East India Company wanted to rule India. In this quest they setup Asiatic Society with 24 + members, like H.H. Wilson, Jones and others to interpret our shasras in a demeaning way. They also hired Max Muller to interpret shastras in a wicked way. they also made attempts to demean our deva bhASa sanskrit and tried to create Pro-Indo-Euro Language as the mother of all languages including Sanskrit. They fabricated a myth called Aryan Invasion theory. Dharm Chakravarty Swami Prakashananda Saraswati had decoded their ways and have presented scientific proofs to support his claims in exposing so-called western scholar, Indologists and Linguists having hidden agenda to destroy our culture and our shastras. These men also corrupted our dharma sAstra-s and grihya sUtra-s and bhavishya purANa. Unfortunately their line of thinking are still followed today.

While this article is not connected to advaita vedanta, it is extremely important for us to know the truth. This article will help reinstate the faith in our shastras.

This page is a must read for all Hindus.

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Namaste vedAntins,

There is a lot of talk which was initiated by (so-called) western scholars with evil intention to demean our shastras, our dev bhASA sanskrit, our purANas, smritis and grihya sUtras. This was not the work of one man or a few bunch of ontologists. This work was well planned strategy of British East India Company.

This page is intended to expose their evil intentions. The extracts are taken from the book "The True History and the Religion of India: An Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism" by dharm Chakravarti H. D. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati (Read more about author)

This is a *must read* book for every sincere seeker, specially bhArtiya brothers and sisters.

This is the first time in 400 years that such literature has been produced which gives the true vision of authentic Hinduism and details its continuous history of trillions of years with scientific evidences. (The author practices gauDiya vaiShNavism and so his understanding about philosophical truth is inclined towards that philosophy. However, his works related to Indian History is appreciable).

This book exposes the evil intentions by westerners. Swami ji has given authentic proofs along with excerpts of letters and publications published by westerners portraying our dharma and shastras in a demeaning way.

I will try to give some info about their actual 'opinion' about our shastra-s.

Disclaimer: I am not of the opinion that ALL westerners are biased against India and our shastras. There are good people and bad people everywhere. But certain people have elephant teeths. Just want to expose them as many take their opinions as genuine. No matter how much they are skilled, when the intention itself is not noble, the enquiry and the direction of thinking cannot be. We should not follow their guidelines no matter how much impressive they seem to be. Only noble, selfless intentions can yield good results.

Conspiracies by East India Company, Asiatic Society and Max Muller

Britishers in a quest to rule us have done a lot of conspiracies to damage our social, cultural, economic and religious systems. bhArata varSha, also known as Aryavart is the whole land beginning from foot of himAlaya-s to indian ocean. Britishers realized that our culture and spiritual base was so strong that it is not possible to convert people just by giving lectures on Bible. They concluded that the only way to push our way of life, and rule them was to demean their backbone - spirituality. To carry out their plan, they created Asiatic society and hired many professionals who were send to India with sole purpose of demeaning and denigrate our religious philosophy as inferior, mythology, primitive, supporting animal and human sacrifice, imaginative and full of superstitions.

Then began a period of collecting manuscripts and then interpret them in derogatory way. They also paidlofty amount to Max Muller, a german philologist, who is often credited of interpreting veda-s and bringing them to west and general public. MAx Muller was also one of them who purposefully interpreted our shastra-s in derogatory way. Other members of Asiatic Society were

Max Muller - Translation of rg veda in demeaning way and other articles tragetting our shastras to degrade them.

Sir William Jones

J. D. Peterson

F. Wilford

H.H. Wilson - Translation of Vishnu PurANa in demeaning way

F.E. Partiger - Critical analysis of purANas and veda-s in demeaning way

Sir Monier-Williams

Colonel Colin Mackenzie

Franz Bopp

Pandit Taranath (Indian writer hired to write on Hinduism in derogatory way)

(the list extends to 34 names).

The list also includes Britannica encyclopedia, who added Hindu words and explained their meanings in demeaning way.

They influenced Hindu writers like

Surendradas Gupta

Dr. R.G. Bhandarkar - highly influenced by Max Muller's works and his research

Bal Gandhar Tilak - who dated vedas to 1500-200 BC

S. Radhakrishnan - whose works are used for post graduation in History and religion of India

All these writers never wrote anything on Christianity. Why? If one is interested in studying religions of others, they also study their first religion. No one keeps studying and publishing foreign religion throughout their life and not study and publish something about their own religion. This shows the wicked mentality of the then Britishers.

  • They forged our shastras which include bhaviSya purANa, by adding Jesus, changing date of Chandragupta Maurya calling him a contemporary of Alexander. To maintain consistency, they also pushed date of Lord Buddha and made him younger by 1500-2000 years. This also resulted in postponement of date of our beloved AcArya Adi Sankara, who as of 1999. should have been born 2500 years ago.

  • They also changed and interpolated dharma smriti-s, grihya sutra-s, purANa-s, kalpa sutra-s and our vedA-s also. They did this to endorse animal killing, sleeping with animals for carnal pleasure and other prohibited acts are actually approved by our shastra-s

  • They forged fake coins of Chandragupta Maurya to support their claims.

  • They destroyed our historic records and evidences, destroyed our faith, our culture and left of opportunity to project us, bhArtiya-s as poors chaps of inferior intelligence, and of superstitious and primitive nature.

  • Created fake Aryan Invasion theory to make us feel homeless. According to this theory, Germans (Aryans, sanskrit speaking people of high intelligence) migrated to India and they taught us everything.

  • Demean our holy deva-bhASa, sanskrit. Initially they could not find any concrete evidence of any language prior to sanskrit. So they created a fake proto-indo-european language, which is the root of all.

  • Compared our devatA-s with greek and other mythologies and equating them with nature spirits.

  • Calling our purANa-s are mythology.

Disappearance of Pt. Taranath Shastry's 20 Years of research and collection of authentic manuscripts

There were some Indian Pundits who were genuinely interested in fact-finding. They saw the truth was different then that is propagated. One such revered Pundit was srI Narayana Sastry. He did 20 years of research, refuted false claims by Britishers and attempted to publish them. Since he did not had enough finding, he split his research in 8 volumes. In 1916, The first volume was published under the title, 'The Age of Shankra'. In the introduction of this book, Pt. Narayana Sastry wrote contents of full 800 pages book which he was going to publish in future. In 1917, his other book, 'The Kings of Magadha' was published in which he extensively quoted from bhaviSya purANa. (Kaliyug Rajvrittant)

But immediately after that, his entire 20 years of hard work mysteriously disappeared and long with his written books and manuscripts and a year after that he died.

The facts he brought were

1. Established date of SankarAcArya 2593 of kaliyug to 2625, which comes to 509-477 BC, while refuting arguments of western writers and gave a full history of all five maths (including kamakoti math) of SankarAcArya with his discipline successions.

2. Refuted the arguments of western writers and correctly proved the date of mahAbhArat as 3139 BC

3. Established date of Lord Buddha in 19th century BC

4. Points of deliberate misinterpretations by European writers in the Rajtarangini and fixed the correct chronology of the kings of Kashmir

5. Refuted the Identity of Chandragupta Maurya with Sandracottus (Sandrocottus) by Jones

6. Produced unbroken list of historic dates of the kings of Nepal from the end of dvapAra yUga up to the 20th century

7. Refuted the arguments of the European writers and established the correct dates of the kings of Magadha from Brihadrath dynasty up to the Gupt dynasty according to the purANa-s ad also the inscriptions and the coins, etc

8. Pointed out fabrications of European writers how have they manipulated the interpretations of edicts, coins and the inscriptions to align it with Ashokvardhan of Maurya dynasty (which in fact was related to Ashokaditya of Gupt dynasty)

9. Gave full date-wise list of the king of lunar dynasties (chandra vanSa) and also of solar dynasties (sUrya vanSa) ... but that valuable work was all destroyed as a piece of their simple diplomatic game.

Even now, the records of pUrI, dvArkA, kAmakotI and GauDa sArasvat (GAuDapadAcArya's lineage) math-s shows that the actual birth of our gurU Adi Sankara was 509 - 477 BC.

The above facts were presented so that we can understand that, the reasons behind fact-finding are not always good. We should be proud of our culture and rich history and of course of our scriptures. It is needless to say that we should have complete faith in our scriptures. ?Unfortunately, even today (March 2014), our kids are taught history as fabricated by East India Company and sadly this wrong teach extends to the post graduation in Indian History and Religion.

Source: "The True History and the Religion of India: An Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism", Page 322 shows above 9 points.

To know more about such conspiracies, one *must* read a book titled "The True History and the Religion of India: An Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism" Swami Prakashanand Saraswati (titled dharm chakravarti, after this work). Swami ji provides authentic proofs and scientific evidences for all his claims and gives correct pictures of our glorious bhArat varSa. An intro is given here and few list of articles are given here. The book is also available at Flipkart and Motilal Banarsidass and Sons. It is published by Macmillan Publications.

Note: First few chapters may not sound interesting, but later on after chapter 9 or so, swami ji enters into in-depth analysis. Swami was disciple of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati of Jyoti MAth, but later left to jungle and spend 20 years in roaming, finally settled in Braj and practised Chaitanya bhakti'. Sometimes a tinge of his philosophy comes, but does not harm in any way to the contents of book.

Interpolations and fabrications were not difficult in those days.

Sir Monier Williams admits of Missionary aim for creating Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

MONIER-WILLIAMS English Sanskrit Dictionary Published by Oxford Press from 1811 was is regarded as monumental work which took years to compile. Boden Group was created by Colonel Boden to carry out the work. First to occupy chair was Sir H.H. Wilson. Second was Sir Monier Williams. In preface IX, Monier Williams commits that the chief aim for creating Sanskrit-English dictionary was to understand the philosophy of Native Indians. Then use it for conversion of Native Indians to Christianity.

He has also said that Old and New Testament was translated into Sanskrit. This would help Missionaries o understand sanskrit better.

Monier-Williams has also committed that due to wrong approach and policy by H.H. Wilson, the dictionary has suffered great loss.

Please find excerpts taken from Intro and Preface IX as proof below.

Source: https://archive.org/stream/SanskritEnglishDictionaryMonierWilliamsMLBD/Sanskrit%20English%20Dictionary%20%20Monier%20Williams%20MLBD_djvu.txt



with special reference to



Boden Professor of Sanskrit

Hon. D.C.L. Oxon, Hon. LL.D. Calcutta, Hon. Ph.D. Gottingen

Hon. Fellow of University College and Sometime Fellow of Balliol College,



Acknowledgment of Assistance Received.

Nor need I repeat the expression of my sense of obligation to my predecessor in the Boden Chair, Professor H. H. Wilson, who first led me to the study of Sanskrit about sixty years ago (in 1839), and furnished me with my first materials for an entirely new system of Sanskrit lexicography (see p. xi). All the words and meanings marked W. in the following pages in the present work rest on his authority.




Nevertheless, sincerity obliges me to confess that, during my long literary career, my mind has had to pass through a kind of painful discipline involving a gradual weakening of faith in the trustworthiness of my fellow men, not excepting that of my first venerated teacher. (Not this is most probably H. Wilson) I began my studies, indeed, with much confidence in the thought that one man existed on whom I could lean as an almost infallible guide; but as I grew a little wiser, and my sensitiveness to error sharpened, I discovered to my surprise that I was compelled to reject much of his teaching as doubtful. Nay, I am constrained to confess that as I advanced further on the path of knowledge, my trustfulness in others, besides my old master, experienced by degrees a series of disagreeable and unexpected shocks; till now, that I have arrived at nearly the end of my journey, I find myself left with my faith in the accuracy of human beings generally—and certainly not excepting myself—somewhat distressingly disturbed. Such painful feelings result, I fear, in my own case from a gradual and inevitable growth of the critical faculty during a long lifetime, and are quite consistent with a sense

of gratitude for the effective aid received from my collaborators, without which, indeed, I could not have brought this work to a conclusion.

In my original Preface I expressed my thanks to each and all of the scholars who aided me in the compilation of the first edition, and whose names in the chronological order of their services were as follow

The late Rev. J. Wenger, of the Baptist Mission, Calcutta; Dr. Franz Kielhorn, afterwards Superintendent of Sanskrit Studies in Deccan College, Poona, and now Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Gottingen; Dr. Hermann Brunnhofer; Mr. A. E. Gough, M.A., of Lincoln College, Oxford, sometime Professor in the Government Colleges of Benares, Allahabad, and Calcutta; and lastly, Mr. E. L. Hogarth, M.A., of Brasenose College, sometime Head Master of the Government Provincial School at Calicut.




As to my own course, the same consideration which actuated my predecessor operated in my case, when I was elected to fill the Boden Chair in his room in 1860.


Nevertheless I could not quite renounce an idea which my classical training at Oxford had forcibly impressed upon my mind—viz. that the primary object of a Sanskrit Dictionary should be to exhibit, by a lucid etymological arrangement, the structure of a language which, as most people know, is not only the elder sister of Greek, but the best guide to the structure of Greek, as well as of every other member of the Aryan or Indo-European family—a language, in short, which is the very key-stone of the science of comparative philology. This was in truth the chief factor in determining the plan which, as I now proceed to show, I ultimately carried into execution.

Note: This is the reason why Monier Williams thought that the dictionary has suffered great loss.

1 This will be found in the library presented by me to the Indian Institute, Oxford.

2 The main object was really a missionary one, as I have shown in the Preface to this volume (p. ix), and in my Life of H. H. Wilson appended to my Reminiscences of Old Haileybury College (published by A. Constable & Co.).

3 His first Dictionary was published in 1819, and his second in 1832, while he (H. H. Wilson) was a candidate for the Boden Professorship.




In explanation I must draw attention to the fact that I am only the second occupant of the Boden Chair, and that its Founder, Colonel Boden, stated most explicitly in his will (dated August 15, 1811) that the special object of his munificent bequest was to promote the translation of the Scriptures into Sanskrit, so as ‘ to enable his countrymen to proceed in the conversion of the natives of India to the Christian Religion' V


4 In his address proposing himself for election to the Boden Electors, Professor H. H. Wilson laid stress on what he had done for ‘ the rendering of Scripture Terms into the Sanskrit language/ It was doubtless on this account that after he was elected he urged me to compile an English-Sanskrit Dictionary—a work never before attempted. I laboured at this for about seven years, and although the result (published in a thick volume by the Directors of the East India Company in 1851) cannot, I fear, be said to meet the needs of the present day, yet it should be borne in mind that it was pioneering work. Nor can it be said to have been useless, seeing that seven years after its publication the following testimony to its utility was voluntarily tendered by the Rev. J. Wenger, translator of the Bible into Sanskrit and Editor of Dr. Yates’ Sanskrit. Die-



...the promotion of a better knowledge of the religions and customs of India, as the best key to a knowledge of the religious needs of our great Eastern Dependency. My very first public lecture delivered after my election in 1860 was on ‘The Study of Sanskrit in Relation to Missionary Work in India’ (published in 1861).


It was on this account that, when my distinguished predecessor and teacher, Professor H. H. Wilson, was a candidate for the Chair in 1832, his lexicographical labours were put forward as his principal claim to election.

Surely then it need not be thought surprising, if following in the footsteps of my venerated master, I have made it the chief aim of my professorial life to provide facilities for the translation of our sacred Scriptures into Sanskrit 4 , and for ... 1 I cannot allow myself to think that the Dictionary has suffered much from this cause, except perhaps during the collaboration of the late Dr. Schonberg, the rapid impairment of whose powers did not at first strike me so as to make me aware of the necessity for increased vigilance on my part (see p. xxxi).

M. F. Monier-Williams.

May 4, 1899



Max Muller, H.H. Wilson, William Jones, F. E. Partiger et al and Britannica Encyclopedia

Many eastern and western scholars have appraised the work of Max Muller and H.H> Wilson. However their real intention behind translation our SAStra-s was to present them in a demeaning way.

A website is created to expose their real intention and spread the truth. Instead of copy pasting articles, it is better to redirect readers to the original content.

Max Muller

Asiatic Researches group of people. and H.H. Wilson

F. E. Pargiter

S. Radhakrishnan

Organized efforts of the British to destroy our culture and religion, and mutilate our history

First effort of Jones (1784) and the secret planning

The fiction of Aryan invasion, introduction of English language, and the suppression of Sanskrit language.

Major falsehoods as promoted by the British

How did the British fabricate and destroy the historic records of India and misguide the whole world?

There are many more links, please visit the original website for further details.

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