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[Minor Update] v13.1.4 published

posted Feb 17, 2015, 7:34 AM by Indiaspirituality Blog - Amrut
|| Hari OM ||


Dear Divine Souls,

Though this update is categorized as minor update, there were many important changes made in some articles.

Pages Updated:

1. Adi Shankara Preached Smarta Dharma

Summary of entire article is given as brief as possible. Please check

New names added:
    1. 13.1 Introductory verses of Vishnu Sahasranama
    2. 13.2 Siva-viShNu abheda in intro verses of viShNu samhasranAma
    3. 13.3 05 भूतकृत्‌ bhUtakrut
    4. 13.4 06 भूतभृत्‌ bhUtabhrut

Corrections were made to
    1. 13.8 27 शिव Siva
More info added to prove authenticity of Siva sahasranAma (SS) of mahAbhArata, aNuSASanika parva, citing the acceptance of SS by mAdva-s

Authenticity of Puranas, Up-puranas and Sthala Puranas was updated. Anotehr Logical objection (No-1.a)was raised to the theory of Siva is born from brahmA ji in

Typos and minor corrections were made to

viShNu and caturbhuja viShNu
Q & A

Minor typos with no change in content were made to

Nature of Project and Publishing Strategy