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[Major Update] v 5.0 Published - complete change in flow

posted Jul 14, 2013, 10:36 PM by Indiaspirituality Blog - Amrut

The new website Understanding Advaita has undergone major change both in terms of contents and in terms of flow. It now focuses more on Understanding Advaita then dispelling Doubts and answering accusations.

The order of pages has also changed. The site now begins with Understanding Advaita, follows with Meditative Journey of an Advaita Vedantin. Next Page is Dispelling Doubts, followed by Advaita in Shastras and Random Quotes.

Page Understanding Advaita underwent major change. It now includes basic concepts of Advaita and attempts to define key terms like Brahman, mAyA and MithyA, Nitya-anitya, etc. Dispelling Doubts also underwent some change with new additional content.

Scope of Work

While I have included the concepts in the same page, Quotes from Shastras are still to be given. For simplicity, a separate page is planned to be dedicated to explain the concepts.