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[Major Update] v13.1.2 published

posted Sep 20, 2014, 9:54 AM by Indiaspirituality Blog - Amrut
|| Hari OM ||


Dear Divine Souls,

A new page viShNu and caturbhuja viShNu was added

Pages updated:

Musing - Other Side of Coin - Except analysis of anya-devatA worship, vaikunTha, param-pada, param-dhAma in gItA, all else was shifted to a new page viShNu and caturbhuja viShNu. New content was added to this new page.

Adi Shankara Preached Smarta Dharma

New parts added.
Few names from viShNu sahasranAma were added.
Quotes from Introductory verses of VS bhASya added.

  1. 12 Adi Sankara didn't translate 'ISA' as 'rudra' in his gItA bhASya on verse BG 11.15
  2. 13 Adi Shankara's Interpretation of Shiva and Rudra in Vishnu Sahasranama
    1. 13.1 Introductory verses of Vishnu Sahasranama
    2. 13.2 Siva-viShNu abheda in intro verses of viShNu samhasranAma
    3. 13.3 23 केशव keSava
    4. 13.4 25 सर्व sarva
    5. 13.5 26 शर्व Sarva
    6. 13.6 27 शिव Siva
    7. 13.7 38 शंभु Sambhu
    8. 13.8 64 ईशान ESAna
    9. 13.9 114 रूद्र rudra
    10. 13.10 335 पुरन्दर purandara
    11. 13.11 491 महादेवः mahadevah
    12. 13.12 582 शान्तः SAntah
    13. 13.13 584 शान्तिः SAntih
    14. 13.14 600 शिव Siva
Authentic Upanishads and Gitas

Updated Yoga vasiSTha gItA (20 Authentic Gitas)

References cited by Adi Shankara in his Bhashya on Vishnu Sahasranama

Added in the list of authentic upanishads is Atmabodha upanishad, as it is commented by Adi SankarAcArya ji in his viShNu sahasranAma bhASya

Clearing Accusations & Doubts

Some articles like 'I' and 'Me' in Gita can be taken as Brahman and similar artciles like Siva-viShNu abheda were shifted to new pages or other pages.

A new page Siva-viShNu abheda is created.

In this site, verses related to Siva-viShNu abheda are spread among many articles and pages. This page is an attempt to collect them all and put them in one place. WE will also try to add a few more verses from SAstra-s as and when time permits.

Note: This page is not included in odt nad pdf versions as it is not complete.

There may be other changes or minor typos which are not listed here.